Totems and Nature

Totems and Nature


Sunday April 14, Saturday April 20, and Sunday April 21
Cost of class is $200, including materials
Class size limited to 10

Everything in nature holds medicine for us, particularly our animal friends. In Totems and Nature, students will access their creativity and spiritual support network through guided meditation, self inquiry and ceramics. We will tap into the energy and discover our personal animal medicine totem guides that support our day to day experiences, and what is currently up for us. The process of grounding ourselves in clay art making and the totem you take home will act as a reminder of this medicine in our lives after the class.

On the first day, Alexis will walk us through meditation, supporting our process in finding our particular and current animal guide, and asking them to be present during the workshop, bringing and anchoring whatever medicine they offer into your piece. In the afternoon, we will move into the ceramics room and make totems and artifacts that honor and anchor the energetics of what you're asking for.

The sculptures will dry and be fired in the kiln. When we next meet, they will be ready to be glazed and decorated. We will spend the day in the studio, working on our art pieces and further clarifying what we'd like to it to bring.

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