Film/Darkroom Photo Intensive (two weekends)

Film/Darkroom Photo Intensive (two weekends)


Taught by Danielle Dean

March 30 and 31 from 10 am - 2 pm, and April 6th OR April 7th from 10am-2pm

$270 plus $25 lab fee

Class size is limited to 6 people

This workshop is a crash course in B&W film photography. It is the perfect introductory or refresher course for anyone wanting to get going in the darkroom.

The first weekend will cover the fundamentals of using a 35mm Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera, as well as how to expose a proper negative, develop film and print a contact sheet.

  • Day 1 - After a brief technical lecture, we will shoot a roll of film on the grounds of Alchemy. Then we head into the darkroom to develop the film.

  • Day 2 - We will go over darkroom basics and print a contact sheet. We will review our contact sheets to discuss exposure and composition. It is recommended to follow this course with the Introduction to Darkroom Printing Workshop.

The second weekend will review darkroom equipment and workflow. This will be a working studio class where we will be able to fine tune your printing skills using multigrade filters and dodging and burning. Please indicate in your application whether you prefer April 6th or April 7th for your darkroom day.

Required Materials:

  • Manual 35mm SLR camera with 50mm fixed lens or zoom equivalent 

  • Notebook/ Sketchbook

  • A roll of 35mm film, negative sleeves, photo paper and darkroom chemistry is included in a $25 lab fee

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