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100 Drawings with Marsha McAllister

  • Alchemy Art Center 1255 Wold Rd Friday Harbor United States (map)

100 Drawings

Taught By Marsha Mcallister
Every Monday evening in May, 6pm-8pm
Class size limited to 10

Suggested class price: $150.00 (All proceeds are donated to Alchemy Art Center)

The objective of this course is to develop a personal visual vocabulary of imagery, content and subject matter that you can later use for finished work. We will be moving through a large quantity of drawings using a quick, fluid and intuitive process.

WEEKS 1 – 2 - 3

We will be creating 100 drawings in three weeks and have a review on the fourth week. This process is designed to help let go of the ‘masterpiece syndrome”, working through ideas and not necessarily technique (although some new techniques may surface in the process). You can use imagery that is around you, i.e., objects in your home, natural settings, contrived still-life’s, of course, your imagination OR if you are working on a series already, use this process to expand on the series.

The three week time period equals about 4-6 drawings a day outside of studio so think about them as sketches spending 5-10 minutes each on the drawings. If you have the time you can develop the pieces more fully do so, but remember the important part of this exercise is to move through ideas not create finished work. If you are working on one piece and a new idea arises, move on to the new idea.


Marsha McAllister is an accomplished and prolific artist, and has been offering this class to the San Juan Community for years. It has been a process that many return to again and again.

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