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Masks, Animals, and Raku

Every Tuesday in May from 6pm-9pm

$100 class fee includes all materials

Build a small mask or animal sculpture and glaze it using the raku technique! Raku is inspired by a traditional Japanese technique. The process is done outside and is quite dramatic, with stunning immediate results.  When the kiln reaches temperature, it is opened up and the pieces are removed while they are red hot and placed it into containers with combustible materials.  The reduction from the materials combusting pull oxygen out of the glaze giving effects of metallic, patina or crackled. The raku'ed pieces cannot hold water or be left outside as they are too soft, but it is a perfect technique for small sculptural or decorative pieces.  

We will have a potluck party and firing on Friday evening, May 31.

Week 1, 2, 3 Tuesdays May 7 & 14 & 21  Maria Michelson and Kat will lead participants in forming small pieces.

Week 4 Tuesday May 28 - applying raku glaze

Raku Firing Friday evening May 31

Masks, Animals, and Raku
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