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Golden Hour Photography + Sailing Adventure!

With Artist in Residence Tess Malijenovsky

Saturday, June 22

$125 plus recommended $25 tip for sailor

Learn how to use your film or digital SLR camera, then take a sailboat to explore San Juan Island and shoot a roll of film during “golden hour,” the time before sunset with softer lighting. Participants will learn how to load and wind film in an SLR camera (unless they are using digital), and will also learn the basics of aperture, shutter speed, film speed, depth of field, and composition. Then we will sail to a destination on San Juan Island to practice our new film photography knowledge. Enjoy the sunset cruise back!

Class will meet at the dock, more info after registration.

No photography experience required. Alchemy may be able to lend a film camera if desired.

Golden Hour Photography + Sailing Adventure!
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