Katy Collier

June, 2019

Katy Collier is an accomplished artist and instructor based in Greensboro, North Carolina.  She has expertise in a number of printmaking techniques, including relief, etching, monoprints, silkscreening, and more.  She has taught at numerous universities and institutions nationally, and we are so excited to host her this June at Alchemy!


Learn more about Katy and her work here.


Tess Malijenovsky

June 2019

Tess Malijenovsky is a photographer and writer based in Portland, Oregon. She is drawn to using alternative darkroom photography techniques to create images inspired by the liminal space between the environment, the feminine, and consciousness. Tess is a freelance creative with a background in environmental journalism and nonprofit communication.

solar plating_self-portrait.jpg

During June, Tess will be teaching photo classes, free to members- Stay tuned for this exciting opportunity!