Alchemy Art Center Seeks Intern for Summer, 2020

Applications for 2020 will open on November 15th, and are due by January 1th

This opportunity is perfect for someone eager to learn the ins and outs of maintaining a working art studio, in exchange for accommodation and studio access in the beautiful San Juan Islands.  If you are self-motivated, highly organized, and eager to work and learn, we would love to hear from you!


Alchemy is a new nonprofit Art Center on San Juan Island. Our facilities include a Ceramics studio, a Darkroom, and a Print Shop.  We offer monthly Studio Memberships in each area for a total of approximately 20 members. In addition, we host classes for kids and adults and run an Artists in Residence program in the summer.  We also hold periodic retreats in our Dome and host music events, art shows and bonfires regularly.

Nestled in the forest, Alchemy is a unique and and beautiful place.  We have chickens, a pond, a garden, and ten long-term residents.


We are looking for someone who is willing to devote 15 hours of their time per week during their stay at Alchemy.  Our internships will start at 3 months, with opportunity to continue if it’s a good fit.

Internship responsibilities include:

  • Studio maintenance

    • Cleaning, organizing, stocking and maintaining supplies, etc.

  • Community Outreach

    • Running booths at various markets and festivals, monitoring open studio hours, organizing community outreach projects

This is a great opportunity to learn how a studio works and how to run a community space. You will learn a lot at Alchemy, and we know that you will love your time here.


We are looking for someone who is self motivated and highly organized, with a great work ethic, who is willing to learn new skills.  Our ideal candidate is someone who is tidy, extremely reliable, and who will take on the responsibilities of the studio with pride and positivity.  Many of the tasks we need help with require someone who can determine when/what needs to be done on their own. We will comprehensively train our intern in all studio tasks, but we are not interested in micromanagement.  We are also looking for someone who is a good, tidy community member, able to give people who are focused on their work privacy, and who is excited to work on their own projects as well.


Our property is located on 9 acres of forest and open space, with buildings and residences concentrated in our main center.  We have ten full-time residents who share two kitchens and bathrooms. Our intern will be sharing the Alchemy Hall Kitchen with one-two current Artists in Residence, and several long term property residents. The kitchen and bathroom must be kept tidy at all times, as they are also used by the studio members and people in workshops.  Internship accommodations are in lightweight cabins or tepees in wooded areas on the property. Our intern will have opportunities to participate in a large garden, care for chickens, enjoy a wood-fired hot tub, and make friends with lots of cozy people in beautiful spaces. We also have a 35 foot geodesic dome for Meditation, Movie nights, Yoga, etc.

Our intern will have membership to all our our studio spaces, and may access them for art making during all open studio times.  They will also receive a discount on all classes offered at Alchemy.


Applications for Internship will be accepted between November 15 and January 15, with phone interviews taking place between January 15 and 31.

Please submit a few paragraphs about yourself. We want to hear about your experiences, and why you think you’ll be a good fit at Alchemy.  Are you an artist? Send us pictures if so! Please also provide three references.

Email if you have any questions!


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