Our Vision

Arts Access For Islanders


Alchemy Art Center is a 501 c(3) non profit community art center. Our facilities include a communal ceramics studio, a photography darkroom, and a printmaking studio. We also have a 35 foot Geodesic dome which functions as a gallery, classroom and event space.

Our mission is to provide arts programming and creative community for people on rural San Juan Island. We believe that artists should have access to tools, space, and collaborative support necessary for creating their art.

Alchemy Art Center offers valuable studio space, shared equipment, and a platform for creative exchange between artists. By providing access to space and equipment that can be financially prohibitive, Alchemy Art Center works to preserve San Juan Island as an accessible place for artists to live, which in turn creates a richer and more creative island culture.

We are a young organization, but in our first 2 years we are proud to have built the following programs already:

  • We have a membership of 20 artists who use the studios, and would not otherwise have access to specialized art equipment.

  • We have an exciting roster of art classes, taught by both local talent and visiting professionals. Through our classes, we are providing both career opportunities for artists as well as learning experiences to islanders and local artists.

  • We host a regular rotation of events, art shows, and concerts in our dome space, for free or by donation.

  • We have an artist in residency program, and have attracted young professional artists from all around the country to live and teach at our center.

  • We are running a children's program called Clay Club, and are exposing local kids to exciting art making practices.  One third of our Clay Club kids utilize tuition assistance, made possible from a grant by the San Juan Island Community Foundation.

  • We are partnering with the San Juan County Arts Council to create youth mentorship program beginning this fall, in which young island artists are paired with professionals in their field. This program will be free for Island youth who are interested in becoming artists.

  • In partnership with the San Juan Island Library and the Family Resource Center, we are running an outreach program in the trailer park, bringing art experiences to kids who would not otherwise have art opportunities.  This project is being led by our first ever internship cohort.

  • We regularly partner with Island Rec to offer affordable arts programming to islanders.

Alchemy is currently the only community ceramics, photography, and printmaking space available to islanders where they live.

As a young 501(c)(3) non-profit still in our first year, we need support from our community to keep going. All gifts go directly into our programming. Donate today!

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